Sunday, January 19, 2020

News / DT 11 / 2016

Norway postpones grant decision for Clinton Foundation until after US election

After two months of deliberations, Norway’s Foreign Ministry says it will wait until after the US presidential election to decide on a NOK 30 million aid grant for a Clinton Foundation project. Documents show that support to the foundation gave Norway international political clout. Diplomats warned against the “signal effect” of ending this cooperation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  

Sweden brings feminism into UN Security Council

State Secretary Annika Söder proposes funding cuts for UN peace missions and programmes that fail to take gender equality into account.

Fourth year with no real growth in Norwegian development aid

As Norway’s Foreign Minister Børge Brende enters his fourth year in office, the net increase in the aid budget amounts to only NOK 380 million compared with 2014.

Mekong River Commission in financial crisis

As donors turn their backs and riparians fail to step up, the viability of the Mekong River Commission is in question when it is needed more than ever.