Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 12-13 / 2016

Millions in aid grants for jobs project fronted by Clinton aide, John Podesta

Norway has since 2009 been the largest donor of the Washington-based JustJobs project, an initiative launched by John Podesta, a key aide of both the Clintons and Obama. The project is referred to in several emails from Podesta’s hacked account, made public by Wikileaks in October. After next year, Oslo is turning off the tap.

Danish Blue parties back new study of three recent wars, amid controversy

An inquiry into Denmark’s military engagement in the wars in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, commissioned by the Foreign Ministry, has been criticised by Danish academics.

A one-billion dollar bank deal in Sub-Saharan Africa

At a time when Western banks are exiting Sub-Saharan Africa, the new Norwegian-Dutch banking group Arise aims to grow its assets in the region to USD 1 billion in the next five years. 

Using financial muscle to make UN peace missions include women

Interview: Swedish State Secretary Annika Söder argues for pushing the women, peace and security agenda in the UN Security Council by withholding funds from peace missions that do not take gender equality seriously.

OECD: Uneven funding for aid evaluation

An OECD survey shows vast discrepencies in donor spending on aid evaluation systems as a proportion of their budgets.