Sunday, December 15, 2019

25-year issue / 2016

Independent journalism - no exceptions for news on aid

Development Today has now been in publication for 25 years. Over this period, our mission has been to provide independent, fact-based news and analysis to decision makers and others working with Nordic development assistance. In an increasingly fragmented information society, we think this is more important than ever. News on aid is no exception.

Top economists challenge free-market mantra

The Stockholm Statement, eight principles for policymakers issued by a small group of leading economists, holds that promoting unfettered markets and narrowly focusing on growth have contributed to the twin crises of global inequality and environmental degradation. An initiator of the statement, Kaushik Basu, former Chief Economist at the World Bank, says the election of Donald Trump as US president makes the statement “even more urgent.” 

Common SDG agenda cannot hide differences in Nordic aid

Nordic development policies all claim allegiance to the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDG agenda is so broad that it acts like a one-size-fits-all suit for politicians of all stripes. Read Development Today’s analysis of Nordic aid in 2017.

Swedfund’s three-dimensional bottom line

Swedfund has consulted NGOs to improve its business model, and goes far beyond the traditional bottom line when investing in poor countries. An interview with Anna Ryott, Managing Director of Swedfund.

Swedish prosecutor questions Lundin over oil drilling in South Sudan

In 2001, Christian Aid accused Lundin Oil of clearing villages to make way for drilling in Sudan. Lundin denies this, but 15 years later a Swedish proseutor is pursuing an investigation of Lundin.