Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Financing environmental investments in EU

Sida is looking to contract an expert in the field of environmental financing and investment in the EU and European context, with extensive knowledge of European financial institutions and EU financial instrument as well as environmental policy and regulations. 

The purpose of the assignment is to provide Sida with advisory services in this field with a focus on the European neighbourhood and EU candidate countries

It should provide Sida with solid understanding of the environmental standards required, and of how the financial instruments of EU, in particular EU blending, can be applied for investments. The conclusions and the recommendations from the assignment should be sufficiently specific to be able to guide Sida when prioritizing among new development interventions and when engaging with potential new partners within the areas of green growth, environment, energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change.

The expert will support to Sida’s internal project managers with strategic advice, recommendations and analysis of specific financing schemes.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is May 6, 2016.