Monday, November 18, 2019

Land administration in Ethiopia - REILA II

The Finnish Ministry plans to launch the second phase of the Responsible and Innovative Land Administration Project in Ethiopia. The first phase, to which Finland contributed EUR 12.8 million, will end this year. Phase II is a four-year project, 2017-2020, with an estimated budget of EUR 6.6 million.  

In Ethiopia, all land is state owned. But  Ethiopian farmers have perpetual user rights to their land and official certificates can be issued that secure their tenure. REILA I, carried out by NIRAS  Finland Oy, aims to contribute to improved livelihood and economic well-being of the rural population through improved, transparent and appropriate land administration.

REILA I was planned to start up in January 2011, but was delayed for over a year because of Finnish concerns about the Ethiopian government’s villagisation programme, which aimed to resettle 1.5 million people into planned villages.

The ministry’s tender states that “after a rather slow start, the land certification in REILA is now advancing rather promptly.”

The current assignment is plan the second phase, taking into account DfID’s large Land Investment for Transformation Project, as well as EU, World Bank and IFAD projects in the land administration field. The final product should be a draft project document for REILA II.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is May 23, 2016.