Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 6 / 2016

From Kabul to Bamako: a joint US-Nordic agenda on security and development

A recent US-Nordic statement highlights an aligned security and aid agendas running through Muslim-dominated hot spots from Kabul in the east to Iraq, Syria and the Sahel region and to Bamako in the west.  

Kai Mykkänen takes over aid portfolio in Finland

In a cabinet reshuffle on June 22, the Finnish trade and aid portfolio is taken over by a National Coalition Party MP who becomes minister for the first time.

Final effort to salvage Amaila hydro project, but Guyana minister says: ‘We just can’t afford it’

Norway has earmarked NOK 600 million in equity for the Amaila project and still wants to see it built. Guyana meanwhile is courting SN Power about smaller dams.

Tanzanian MPs block Bagamoyo sugar project citing damage to river ecosystem

A Tanzanian Parliamentary Committee is calling for the Swedish-owned sugar plantation in Bagamoyo to be moved away from the Wami River in order to protect wildlife in Saadani National Park.