Wednesday, November 13, 2019

DKK 10m for Danish business explorers

DKK 10 million has  been allocated for the private sector support scheme, Danish Business Explorer for 2017. The programme provides financial support to Danish companies that wish to investigate business opportunitis in certain developing countries. Proposed projects must address a development need in the developing country and must focus on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Danida Business Explorer gives financial support to part of the Danish company’s costs related to an investigation for a project in the developing country. It is meant to enable Danish firms to carry out commercial activities in developing countries where business and investments often are associated with relatively high costs and risks.

The maximum financial support is 50 per cent of the total actual costs with a maximum of DKK 500,000. General market studies and analysis cannot be financed under Danida Business Explorer, and it is therefore assumed that the company has already identified a specific business opportunity.

The Danish company must have at least 3 million DKK in equity, have at least 5 full time professional staff, and the project must be part of the company’s core business.

Danida Business Explorer is available in countries with a GNI below USD 4,034 per capita (the World Bank’s limit for Lower Middle Income Countries), and with a Danish representation. Danish companies can also apply for financial support to study the possibility of offering Danish solutions in humanitarian situations, in cooperation with humanitarian organisations. This applies in a number of countries where Denmark is engaged in humanitarian work.

The deadline for submitting applications to the first application round is 31 March 2017.