Friday, November 15, 2019

News / DT 2 / 2017

NOK 10.5 billion in Norwegian climate forest aid remain unspent

Development Today has scrutinised five of the largest recipients of Norwegian climate forest aid spending and found that only a small part of these funds have actually been disbursed on forest-saving projects. DT estimates that at least NOK 10.5 billion remain unspent.  Critics question whether the scheme has impact, but Political Advisor at the Climate Ministry Jens Frølich Holte says Norway “will continue to maintain results as the primary focus, not the rapid spending of money.”

Sweden carries heavy burden in Nordic response to Trump’s global gag rule

All the Nordic governments responded to the Dutch call to provide extra funding for family planning following the US cuts. But Sweden carries the heaviest burden.

Nordic NGOs brace for US budgets cuts

Nordic NGOs could lose millions of dollars in US funding if deep cuts in the foreign aid budget proposed by the Trump administration are implemented. 

Full-scale overhaul of Danish NGO funding

Denmark is reducing the number of Danish organisations that will receive multi-year grants, and tightening both geographical focus and alignment with the government’s political priorities.

Finland launches gender equality prize

The first country to grant full political rights to women, Finland, is celebrating its 100 years of independence by launching an International Gender Equality Prize.