Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Support to Ghana tax authority

As part of Denmark’s support to Ghana’s economic governance and the sustainability of the government’s public finances, the Danish Foreign Ministry announces a consultancy contract for the management and re-design of Tax and Development programme, which runs from 2015 to 2018. 

Worth DKK 230 million over four years, the programme aims to support the exit phase for Denmark’s participation in general budget support (GBS), and to assist Ghana in mobilising revenue.

Denmark made its last GBS payment to Ghana in the middle of 2015, reflecting the evolving relationship between Ghana and Denmark as Ghana becomes increasingly self-reliant.

The current assignment involves assisting the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to re-design the tax and development programme, strengthen the capacity of the GRA to implement its Second Strategic Plan, and coordinate with other donors working with the GRA to implement the Second Strategic Plan. The consultant will be responsible for all technical, financial,and administrative tasks related to implementation projects under the tax and development plan. In addition, the contract will involve institutional capacity development of GRA with significant training of staff.

The tax and development programme is Denmark’s first engagement in the revenue administration arena in Ghana and forms part of the Danish government’s Tax Plan, which aims to assist its partner countries build up stronger tax systems, increase tax income and at the same time fight tax fraud, addressing tax loopholes and illicit financial flows.

Denmark’s engagement aims to assist Ghana to mobilise revenue to fund public services and reform and for the country to eventually become independent of development assistance.