Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 6 / 2017

Warns against use of EU aid to fund military actors in recipient countries

A new facility aimed at supporting efforts to prevent and respond to crises around the world could well be the first step in militarising EU development policy, the Finnish MEP Heidi Hautala (Green) writes. Several EU member states are pushing for the Instrument contributing to Stabilisation and Peace (IcSP) to be financed out of the Commission’s development budget. 

Strict secrecy clause in Norway’s MOU with Myanmar on Oil for Development

In the new memorandum of understanding with Norad on Oil for Development cooperation, Myanmar has insisted on limiting access to information.

Why Norway needs Brazil climate forest deal to succeed

Norway has more to lose than the weak, corruption-ridden government of Brazil should the billion-dollar forest initiative collapse.

Denmark tightens anti-corruption language in UN agreements ahead of major conference

The number of fraud cases reported by multilateral organisations to Denmark remains low, but the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen is working to include “stronger language” in agreements with UN agencies.

Guyana plans for oil-based future, still aims for Norwegian climate aid payments

The Climate Ministry in Oslo says the massive oil finds off the coast of Guyana have for the time being had no impact on Norway’s climate forest deal with the tiny Caribbean state.