Saturday, January 25, 2020

Warns against use of EU aid to fund military actors in recipient countries

A new facility aimed at supporting efforts to prevent and respond to crises around the world could well be the first step in militarising EU development policy, the Finnish MEP Heidi Hautala (Green) writes. 

Heidi Hautala, Finnish MEP
Photo: Nina Lindfors

Several EU member states are pushing for the Instrument contributing to Stabilisation and Peace (IcSP) to be financed out of the Commission’s development budget. Hautala describes the instrument as a “useful tool,” but writes that it should be funded by the states themselves.

A first vote in the Development Committee, of which Hautala is a member, resulted in a 13-8 decision in favour of amending the regulation for the instrument such that EU aid funding can be used to support capacity building of military actors in recipient countries.

This amounts to “a first step on the way to instrumentalising human security for the purposes of military security,” Hautala writes. Read the full article here.