Friday, November 15, 2019

Afghan anti-corruption civil society fund

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set aside DKK 7.4 million toward an Afghan anti-corruption fund for civil society organisations and journalists. 

The fund aims to support Afghan CSOs and journalists to make use of the Access to Information Law and to enhance transparency in service delivery in three of the country’s province: Nangahar, Laghman and Kunar.

This is a pilot project that will address public trust in the Afghan government’s ability to provide sufficient access to information to its citizens. It will also challenge structural barriers that inhibit engagement of the population, CSOs and the media to express their opinions on the issues associated with corruption.

The fund manager is responsible for the final design and management of the fund, and will have fiduciary oversight over 4-6 projects financed by the fund. Another task is the establishment and convening of a five-member steering committee for the fund.

Members of the steering committee will not be allowed to apply for funds due to conflict of interest issues.

The deadline for submission of tenders is September 29, 2017.