Thursday, December 12, 2019

August / 2018

First Nordic test of new reporting rules for refugee aid beefs up ODA

Denmark, being the first Nordic country to use the OECD’s new reporting regime for counting domestic refugee expenses as official aid, has concluded that it can increase reporting of such aid by 60 per cent for 2017. 

Donors hold back direct funding, betting on more UN grants to local NGOs

Western humanitarian organisations’ own progress reports on promises made in 2016 to massively increase funding to Southern-based actors are “inherently biased,” and provide little evidence of change, according to a review by ODI. Some donors are betting on UN country funds taking the lead in increasing grants for local NGOs.

Denmark scales up education aid, part of broader strategy to stem migration

Denmark will scale up education efforts and private sector aid next year, but at the heart of the aid budget is managing “irregular migration and fighting its fundamental causes.” The Danes will expand their use of aid as a tool to return asylum seekers to their home countries in a tit-for-tat approach.

Finland launches water aid strategy with focus on Finnish solutions

A new Finnish international water strategy, prepared by five separate ministries, aims to make greater use of Finland’s water expertise abroad, while aligning with Agenda 2030.