Donors mitigate Afghan cash crisis in wake of military withdrawal

Donors mitigate Afghan cash crisis in wake of military withdrawal
Political uncertainty and the withdrawal of foreign troops have created a fiscal gap in Afghanistan of more than half a billion dollars. Donors led by the United States and the United Kingdom are putting together an urgent aid package to help the Afghan government overcome a cash crisis that has made it unable to pay salaries to its staff on time. The Nordic countries are expected to play a minor role in the move to solve the crisis.

Aid pays heavily for Sweden’s open immigration policy

The costs of up to 100,000 people predicted to seek asylum in Sweden next year take SEK 8.5 billion out of the new government’s first aid budget.

Uneasy withdrawal from Nile Basin cooperation

After spending USD 200 million over more than a decade to lay the foundations for cooperation among the ten Nile Basin countries, donors are pulling back.

Norway funds dams to promote peace in Myanmar

While SN Power considers building a dam near Mandalay, the Norwegian energy directorate NVE has launched long-term cooperation with the government.

Danes triple aid to be spent on asylum seekers

Denmark takes DKK 3.5 billion out of the 2015 aid budget to pay for domestic refugee costs, assuming that numbers of arrivals will increase three-fold.

New Danish head of IUCN

A World Bank Vice President with a background in water issues in Africa will take over the helm of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

SN Power studies Middle Yeywa project

The Norwegianpartly aid-financed hydropower investment company SN Power is exploring a greenfield project on the Myitnge River 80 kilometres from Mandalay, called the Middle Yeywa Dam.

Finland ponders new Zambian landscape

As many donors phase out their development assistance to Zambia, Finland is planning a new programme to support private sector development.

UN’s path to reform in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan the UN has had one of its most complex operations in recent years. How has the organisation defined its development role and lived up to UN reform ambitions?

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