World Bank gives in to Swedish concerns about new health fund

The World Bank has presented a new fund for maternal health, the GFF, as a massive USD 12 billion initiative. But it is not clear where all this money will come from. The original plan to lock GFF grants into IDA funding was toned down due to objections from Sweden. DT has learned that the bank intends to ask donors to provide guarantees for commercial IBRD loans to the health sector in the poorest countries. 
Kulild takes stock as she leaves Norad

Kulild takes stock as she leaves Norad

After five years as Director General of Norad, Villa Kulild will be heading for the position of chief bureaucrat at the Ministry of Transport and Communication in Oslo.   

Finnish budget proposal: aid level drops to 0.35% of GNI

In the budget proposal for 2016, UN agencies will take the biggest hit, while Finnfund is the only recipient of Finnish aid that will have more resources next year.

More outspoken on Rohingya in Myanmar

A Norwegian politician’s visit to Rakhine State in Western Myanmar and a first meeting granted to two Muslim politicians by the embassy signal a more active stance on the sensitive Rohingya question.

UN envoy Gordon Brown joins Oslo in education drive

In a campaign aimed at focusing attention on aid for education, the Conservative-led Norwegian government has joined forces with former British Labour PM Gordon Brown, now UN Special Envoy on education.

Climate Advisers has cashed in almost NOK 30m from Norway’s climate and forest aid

One of Oslo’s main lobbyists in Washington, Climate Advisers, has earned almost NOK 30 million over the last four years by counselling the Norwegian government on forest and climate issues.

Swedish police drops SEKAB investigation

Due to the lack of evidence, the economic crime unit of the Swedish police has decided not to pursue an full investigation of the Swedish ethanol company, SEKAB. 

Opinion poll shows public support for dramatic cuts in Finnish aid

Finns are more positive than ever to development aid. Yet when it comes to fiscal realities, they are also in favour of the massive cuts.

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