Sweden leads Nordic battle against reporting profit-making loans as aid

With the OECD’s high-level aid meeting less than two weeks away there is a deadlock in the negotiations over how donors report their aid. At the centre of the dispute are profit-making loans from donors like France, Germany and Japan, which are reported as aid due to a loophole caused by outdated regulations that date back to the 1970s. 
Børge Brende breaks Norway’s years of silence on the Rohingya of Burma

Børge Brende breaks Norway’s years of silence on the Rohingya of Burma

The UN Rapporteur on Burma Yanghee Lee points to “systematic discrimination”. Former PM Kjell Magne Bondevik speaks of “crimes against humanity”. Nobel Lareate Amartya Sen calls it a “slow genocide”. In a rare public statement on the situation of the muslim minority in Rakhine state, Foreign Minister Børge Brende has expressed Norway’s concern.

Auditor General: ‘unclear chain of command’ in Swedish multilateral aid funding

The Swedish Auditor General criticises the Foreign Ministry for lax handling of the SEK 10 billion in aid spent annually as core support to multilaterals. “Those funds are exposed to considerable risk,” Head of the Swedish National Audit Office Claes Norgren says to Development Today.

Sida extends EcoEnergy guarantee in Tanzania

The Swedish sugar and ethanol project receives an eight-month grace period from Sida in the lead up to a decision on what could be the agency’s largest-ever guarantee.
Nobel Peace Prize puts development players in the global spot light

Nobel Peace Prize puts development players in the global spot light

The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize committee has broadened the definition of peace efforts over the last three decades, turning activists working in development and human rights into global celebrities. 

Small changes in aid reporting, action plan for LDCs

The donor effort to “modernise” the way aid financing is reporting has had limited results.

Denmark deemed least corrupt country again

Transparency International has released its annual index for 2014 ranking countries according perceptions of corruption in the public sector.

Norfund chief tops Nordic ranking of DFI bosses’ salaries

A review of salary costs shows that the head of Norfund Kjell Roland is the best-paid executive at a Nordic DFI.

Parliament bars Norfund from investing in natural gas

The majority in the Norwegian Parliament has put a stop to the plans of the aid-financed investor Norfund to invest in gas-fired power plants in Africa.

Political deal: Climate takes stronger grip on Norwegian aid budget for 2015

A budget deal in the Norwegian Parliament scales up funding for NGOs, refugees and the Green Climate Fund, but slows down the pace of aid reforms.

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Quote: Counting profit-making loans as aid

“For Denmark, it is key that the solution ensures that the credibility and integrity of the ODA concept remain intact.”
- Danish State Secretary Martin Hermann

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