Norfund expands into gas, new joint venture to scale up solar energy

Norway’s aid-funded investor Norfund is preparing to invest billions of crowns in African energy projects in the coming years as it expands business to gas power plants and signs a joint company with the solar energy firm Scatec Solar to multiply investments in the region. 

Denmark keeps aid at 0.83% of GNI

Denmark keeps its aid level unchanged, but gives priority to education and women’s health in its budget for 2015. It makes huge new commitments to African countries like Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania and pledges to engage both Danish companies and public agencies more in aid. 

New report questions Norwegian forest climate aid to Guyana and Tanzania

Norway is the world’s largest donor in the field of forest climate assistance and has, since 2007, pledged almost NOK 20 billion to countries, multilateral institutions and civil society organisations for saving tropical forests, according to a new evaluation.

GAVI gears up for record replenishment. Pneumonia vaccine still takes lion’s share

The Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) is hoping to mobilise USD 7.5 billion from donors for its next five-year period; almost USD 3 billion of this will be spent on pneumonia vaccine through a special donor-financed arrangement, the AMC. GAVI confirms that the price it must pay for pneumococcal vaccine through the AMC is more or less locked for at least four more years. An Indian drug manufacturer claims his firm, Serum Institute, would have had a cheaper pneumonia vaccine on the market today if the donors had designed the AMC differently.

Report: Bitter, frozen relationship between Sida and Swedfund

Cooperation between the two main institutions in Swedish aid is strained, causing missed opportunities for joint development efforts. A consultant’s report describes the relationship as “frozen”. 

Norway pilots a new direction in REDD: planting trees for carbon credits

In Ethiopia, Norway is for the first time testing out a model of forest climate aid that includes planted trees and ‘climate-smart’ agriculture in the carbon accounting.

Friis Bach takes on UN top job in Geneva

The former Danish Development Minister Christian Friis Bach has been appointed Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).

Sweden largest Nordic donor to Ukraine, Norway aims for budget support

Sweden’s aid to the Ukraine outpaces aid from all the other Nordic countries, but Norway is currently scaling up its assistance as well. 

Five-month countdown for Green Climate Fund

In Copenhagen in 2009, setting up a Green Climate Fund by 2015 seemed a long way off. Now only a few months remain before the fund is launched.

Brende hints at cracking state agency monopoly on aid-financed contracts

Oslo is considering competitive tenders for aid-funded capacity building projects previously been reserved for state agencies.

Floods delay Ecoenergy sugar project

The Swedish firm Ecoenergy that is aiming for Sida’s largest-ever guarantee for its sugar and ethanol project in Tanzania has delivered its first progress report to Sida. 

Ambitious plan for UNDP in Oslo

Consultants have presented a proposal about how to turn the stranded UNDP office in Oslo into a global “thought leader” in the field of good governance within three years. 

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