Swedish public prosecutor investigates SEKAB’s sale of African biofuel projects

Swedish public prosecutor investigates SEKAB’s sale of African biofuel projects
The economic crime unit of the Swedish police has launched a preliminary investigation into the 2009 sale by the Swedish biofuel firm SEKAB of its African assets to the company’s former CEO, Per Carstedt. Meanwhile, Carstedt is racing against time to secure aid financing from Sida and the African Development Bank to establish a major sugar production facility in Tanzania.

Denmark, Sweden stretch OECD rules for aid spending on refugees

Nordic donors continue to ignore the DAC’s call to stop using aid funds to cover refugee costs. This year Sweden and Denmark will spend one in five aid crowns on asylum seekers at home. This enormous level of spending on domestic refugee costs is virtually unprecedented in the past 25 years, the DAC confirms to Development Today.
Little appetite to sharpen the focus of post-2015 development goals

Little appetite to sharpen the focus of post-2015 development goals

The UN-led process aimed at defining new global development goals for the post-2015 era has come under heavy criticism for its lack of focus. No fewer than 17 goals and 169 sub-targets are set to replace the eight MDGs.

Overwhelming vote of confidence from donors. Gavi exceeds USD 7.5b target

In spite of tough economic times, the vaccine alliance Gavi managed to surpass its fund-raising target of USD 7.5 billion for 2016-2020.

Sweden delays allocations to UN agencies

Usually a predictable donor, Sweden has still not decided on core contributions to multilateral institutions for 2015. Delays are caused in part by  the need to adjust to heavy refugee spending.

First report from new Finnish corruption hotline

Finland’s online system for reporting suspicions of misuse of development cooperation funds resulted in 12 alerts during its first six months.

Norfund's last-minute gas deal

In its largest investment ever, the aid-financed risk fund Norfund has finally gained a stronghold in the African gas sector. But Norfund crossed the finish line only to see the Parliament ban aid investments in gas. 

Schemes to beef up exports

Denmark has launched several new schemes aimed at creating synergies between promoting Danish exports and development efforts.

9 Danish ministers nominate MDGs for Nobel Peace Prize

In a highly unusual move, nine Danish development ministers - past and present - have put their weight behind the MDGs.

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Quote: Counting profit-making loans as aid

“For Denmark, it is key that the solution ensures that the credibility and integrity of the ODA concept remain intact.”
- Danish State Secretary Martin Hermann

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