Internal report: scathing criticism of Sida support to Bagamoyo bioenergy project

An internal Sida report obtained by Development Today strongly criticises the agency’s decision to grant up to SEK 120 million to keep Bagamoyo EcoEnergy (BEE) afloat in Tanzania. BEE, which now owes Sida SEK 54 million, had little equity of its own, and “no track record” of running large agricultural projects. 
Trading migrants for aid. Tough talk at home gets lost in realpolitik abroad

Trading migrants for aid. Tough talk at home gets lost in realpolitik abroad

While donors increasingly link their aid to the return of refugees, researchers say there is no evidence that aid conditionality can speed up the readmission of asylum seekers whose applications have been denied. Sweden says threats to cut aid are “counter-productive.”

Nordic share of global aid shrinks as Germany and US expand ODA

Nordic donors’ share of OECD aid dropped sharply last year as some of the largest donors like Germany and the United States expanded their aid. 

Sida makes slow progress with UN agencies on sharing corruption information

The number of reported cases of suspected misuse of Swedish aid has increased substantially over the last few years, but UN agencies remain underrepresented.

Danish consultant debarred for bribing officials in Asia

The Copenhagen-based firm Consia Consultants ApS has been debarred from doing business with the World Bank for 14 years. 

Dramatic drop in Nordic stake in IDA

Nordic donor grants for the World Bank’s soft loan arm IDA have diminished by one-fifth as a result of the 18th replenishment last December. 

NOK 10.5 billion in Norwegian climate forest aid remain unspent

Development Today has scrutinised five of the largest recipients of Norwegian climate forest aid spending and found that only a small part of these funds have actually been disbursed on forest-saving projects. DT estimates that at least NOK 10.5 billion remain unspent.  Critics question whether the scheme has impact, but Political Advisor at the Climate Ministry Jens Frølich Holte says Norway “will continue to maintain results as the primary focus, not the rapid spending of money.”

Sweden carries heavy burden in Nordic response to Trump’s global gag rule

All the Nordic governments responded to the Dutch call to provide extra funding for family planning following the US cuts. But Sweden carries the heaviest burden.

Finnish country strategies tighten focus on impact areas

The new country strategies for priority recipients of Finnish aid identify three main sectors for development cooperation in each country.

Norwegian to mediate Guyana-Venezuela border dispute

The UN Secretary General has appointed the Norwegian diplomat Dag Halvor Nylander as mediator in the long-standing Caribbean border controversy.

Aid to nudge Danish energy exports into new markets

In a new export strategy aimed at doubling Danish exports of energy technology by 2030, development aid is seen as an important tool to push exporters into new markets. 

Doubles capital to Norfund

A new Norwegian White Paper on development proposes a doubling of resources for the aid-financed risk capital fund Norfund over the next four years.  

Predicts dramatic drop in Norwegian climate forest payment to Brazil

The unprecedented increase in deforestation during 2016 will result in a “drastic” reduction in Norwegian climate forest aid to Brazil this year.

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