Last-minute effort to end OECD gridlock over what can be counted as aid

There are intense talks ahead of a high-level donor meeting later this month to solve a bitter dispute over how to count private sector efforts and in-door refugee costs as aid. Some donors hint that they might abandon the OECD’s joint reporting system for Official Development Assistance (ODA) unless an agreement is reached.
Western NGO affiliates raise millions of dollars in India, sidelining local NGOs

Western NGO affiliates raise millions of dollars in India, sidelining local NGOs

Founder of the New Delhi-based Humanitarian Aid International Sudhanshu Singh says Indian NGOs are struggling for resources while Western NGO brands take over fund raising in the burgeoning Indian economy.

ANALYSIS: Aid surge. Sweden aims to be major global development player

Under Climate and Development Minister Isabella Lövin’s watch the Swedish aid budget has increased by more than SEK 10 billion. Now the minister aims to strengthen aid diplomacy to make Sweden a major global player.

World Bank body to arbitrate EcoEnergy sugar dispute with Tanzania

The tribunal that will handle Bagamoyo EcoEnergy’s complaint against the government of Tanzania regarding the company’s cancelled sugar and ethanol project could take three years to reach a decision. Sida, which is owed SEK 54 million by the company, tells Development Today it will await the outcome of the case to reclaim its funds.

Nordic support for new institute in Stockholm on forest and land rights

A new global platform for promoting tenure reform in forest areas, the International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, has been launched in Stockholm. Norway has pledged USD 20 million and Sweden is likely to provide funding as well.

Norway expands aid to fight terrorism and fund other global goods

Norway’s government almost triples support for security efforts financed from next year’s aid budget and hikes funding for vulnerable states. The government’s proposal for total aid next year amounts to NOK 35.1 billion or 1 per cent of Gross National Income (GNI), a NOK 1.3 billion increase from the current year.  

Denmark resumes funding to multilaterals like GEF and GAVI

A drastic drop in domestic refugee costs and a growing Danish economy allows Ulla Tørnæs, who returns as Development Minister, to spend DKK 2.6 billion more in aid abroad next year.

Gag rule, business, migration mark flat Finnish aid budget

Afghanistan and UNFPA are top beneficiaries as Finland’s aid budget for 2018 prioritises reproductive health, business and migration. The government hasadded EUR 9.5 million to the budget in a surprising last-minute move. Overall, Finland rolls back bilateral aid to fund a EUR 21 million expansion of multilateral aid.

Western NGOs lobby to tap into relief funds promised to local actors

In a power struggle over billions of dollars, international NGOs have successfully lobbied to keep hold of funds meant for local actors as part of an overhaul of global relief efforts, known as the Grand Bargain.  The reform states that one of four dollars should go directly to local actors, but the process is monopolised by Western donors and NGOs, a Development Today investigation shows.

Ulla Tørnæs reverses planned NGO cuts. Danish IPPF doubles grant size

Danish NGOs had been bracing for the results of a Foreign Ministry plan to reduce the number of NGO grant recipients. But Development Minister Ulla Tørnæs stepped in and added DKK 230 million to the pot.

EcoEnergy sues government of Tanzania

The Swedish Tanzanian biofuel company has commenced international arbitration against the Tanzanian state for losses it claims it incurred after the government cancelled title to land where the company had been developing a sugar plantation and processing plant.

30% increase in Danish sales to UN system

Danish companies lurched ahead in UN procurement last year, with Denmark moving up to Nr 5 on UNOPS’ list of the top global suppliers to the UN system.

Sida aims for flexible solution to avoid cutting funds to Save the Children

Sida announces it will phase out funding for NGOs that comply with US anti-abortion policy, but a Save the Children programme will likely not be hit.

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Quote: Christian Aid on humanitarian imbalance

"The idea behind the Grand Bargain was to try to tackle the [funding] imbalance … Presumably the signatories were not aiming for status quo."
- Micheal Mosselmans, head of humanitarian aid at Christian Aid.

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