Revised aid budget: Sweden provides climate funding in addition to aid

The Swedish government proposes to provide financing for the Green Climate Fund using non-aid money in a revised fiscal budget presented this week.

OECD: aid to poorest countries remained low in 2014

Global official development assistance (ODA) remained at an all-time high of USD 135 billion last year with Nordic countries providing almost 12 per cent of the total, the OECD reports. But aid to LDCs continued to decline.
Critique of Gavi and Gates Foundation: ‘narrow technological focus on health’

Critique of Gavi and Gates Foundation: ‘narrow technological focus on health’

A report by medical anthropologist Katerini Storeng sheds light on debates inside the vaccine alliance Gavi. Her interviews with global health leaders reveal that there has been fierce resistance from the Gates Foundation to using Gavi funds on health systems. Storeng says a result of these debates is that donors that have historically favoured broader approaches to health care are increasingly “buying into a narrow, technical view of health.”

Climate Advisers seeks huge new Norad grant

The consultancy Climate Advisers, which currently receives Norwegian aid financing to lobby the American leadership on forest issues, has approached Oslo for a new aid grant worth NOK 37.5 million.

Sweden’s 2015 UN allocations still pending

Sweden is now more than three months behind in informing key UN agencies of their levels of core funding for 2015.

Donors continue to withhold Tanzania budget support

The donor group in Dar es Salaam has released some of its promised budget support to the government, but continues to withhold at least USD 200 million.

Intense diplomacy calms Swedish-Saudi row

Relations between Sweden and Saudi Arabia are about to normalise after a recent meeting between a Swedish envoy and the Saudi Arabian King in Riyadh.  

April 30 is D-day for EcoEnergy in Tanzania

Sida is threatening to close down EcoEnergy’s sugar project in Tanzania. But the main owner Per Carstedt remains optimistic.

Nordic firms supply ‘next to nothing’ to AfDB

A delegation from the African Development Bank has in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo drumming up Nordic interest in doing business with the bank.

The difference Norway can make in Angola

The government is the rule maker in oil-rich Angola, but Norway can make a small difference, says political analyst Ricardo Soares de Oliveira.

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