Kerry signs forest deal with Norway after White House meeting in May

A cooperation agreement between Norway and the United States was signed in Oslo today deepening the two countries’ collaboration on climate forest issues. Washington’s political backing for the Norwegian forest initiative is a breakthrough, but no new US funding for forest initiatives was announced. [Updated]

Donors should stop using Corruption Perception Index to measure recipients

Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index has come under attack for portraying corruption as mainly a problem of developing countries. The creator of the index Johann Graf Lambsdorff says it is “completely wrong” to use it as a measure of where aid should flow. John Christensen of Tax Justice Network says it is time to phase out the index.

Multilateral plan to save forests in DRC. Only Norway contributes financing

Five donors are backing a new a scheme to protect the forests of the DRC. Norway, with a commitment of NOK 1.5 billion, is the sole financier.

Tanzanian media reports cancellation of Swedish sugar project in Bagamoyo

Citing Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, The Citizen reported recently that the sugar and biofuel project which the Swedish firm Eco Energy Tanzania has for years been trying to realise has been “axed”. But Executive Chairman of the company Per Carstedt says the article is mistaken and his company remains “fully committed to carry out this project.” [Updated]

Green Resources presents road map to unblock Swedish forest carbon payments

Swedish climate dividends paid to a Norwegian-owned tree plantation in Uganda could resume by 2018. But Sweden reserves the right to terminate the SEK 35 million agreement if conditions are not met.

‘Norway will not be bullied into stopping its support for results-based health funding’

Letter to the Editor: Norad Policy Director Ingvar Theo Olsen responds to an opinon article by Victor Chimhutu in the last issue of Development Today on Norwegian health interventions in Tanzania.

‘The World Bank is ten years behind in the global corruption debate’

The founder of Tax Justice Network says the Panama Papers leak has re-directed focus in the corruption debate toward institutions in rich countries. 

Erik Solheim to head UNEP

Norway’s former development and environment minister Erik Solheim (61) has been appointed as the new head of the UN environment agency in Nairobi.

Signed NOK 24m climate contract with US firm despite incomplete team of experts

A procurement lawyer raises doubts about a contract Norwegian Climate Ministry signed with a US consultant firm because key staff had left the team.

Court action in Honduras triggers Finnfund dam exit

Finnfund is seeking a legal exit from the Agua Zarca dam project following the murder charge of an employee of project company, DESA.

Global Fund faces next replenishment round with more sobre target

The date for the 2017-2019 pledging conference has been set for September 15, and Canada has agreed to host.

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