Norway launches two multi-million-dollar funds in Davos – for vaccines and forests

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Norway has launched two large aid-financed initiatives, one to support deforestation-free agriculture and the other to promote development of vaccines against deadly diseases.

Donors lack credible strategy for increasing support to non-Western humanitarians

Nordic donors say they will use the UN-led country-based pooled funds as their main conduit for increasing humanitarian funding of local NGOs to 25 per cent of total funding. But the managers of these funds say this is unrealistic. The UN funds make up a tiny portion of the total humanitarian aid given by governments - just USD 700 million out of USD 22 billion in 2015. “The 3 per cent cannot deliver the 25 per cent,” says Andrea De Domenico at the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Norconsult’s conclusions add to pressure on Guyana to build Amaila Falls dam

The Amaila Falls hydropower project can be built more cheaply than previously believed, and should be approved as a “priority project” by the government of Guyana, a Norwegian-financed report concludes.

NOK 600m climate grant in legal grey zone

Norway’s Climate Ministry has ignored Norwegian budget regulations requiring that USD 80 million (NOK 600m) for the Amaila Falls hydropower project be refunded to state coffers since the money has remained unspent for two years. 

Sweden merges forest of overlapping policies into one coherent development platform

The Swedish government’s long-awaited aid policy framework has been finalised. For the first time, it covers both long-term development and emergency relief in a single document.

New diplomatic team to strengthen Swedish peace efforts

The Swedish Foreign Ministry plans to establish a team of diplomats in Stockholm dedicated to assisting peacebrokering efforts around the world. 

Study on Amaila Falls: Main conclusions

“The only realistic path for Guyana towards an emission free electricity sector is by developing its hydropower potential. The fastest way forward is to maintain [the Amaila Falls project] as the first major step for substituting its current oil fired generation.”

Tied mixed credits make Finnish comeback

The Finnish government has launched a new aid-subsidised loan scheme for infrastructure projects tied to Finnish exporters. 

New Finnfund loan boosts resources by 50%

After months of fine tuning the formalities, the decision for a EUR 130 million loan to the aid-funded investor Finnfund has now been signed by Trade and Development Minister Kai Mykkänen. 

Pulls back from Clinton Foundation project

After months of stalling, Norway’s Foreign Ministry has made a u-turn, reversing its earlier indication of support for a renewable energy project managed by the Clinton Foundation. 

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