Norway grants NOK 30m to Clinton Foundation as US election feud subsides

Over just a few months, Norway has made its second u-turn regarding the funding of a Clinton Foundation energy project and has now given a go-ahead for the funding. The move comes as the foundation and its founders are no longer at the eye of the election storm in the United States. 
Oxfam: how to fix a broken NGO system

Oxfam: how to fix a broken NGO system

Oxfam is moving its headquarters from Oxford to Nairobi. In this opinion article, the Executive Director of Oxfam Winnie Byanyima, the first African woman to lead an international civil society organisation, responds to Degan Ali’s critique of Western humanitarian NGOs. “Accepting that the system is broken commits Oxfam to doing our part to fix it,” she writes. 

European donors unlikely to fill funding gap following US abortion cuts

The Dutch initiative, She Decides, which aims to raise funds to compensate for the Global Gag Rule, has received broad political support from European donors. But they will be hard pressed to cover the expected losses of US funding.

Finland launches gender equality prize

The first country to grant full political rights to women, Finland, is celebrating its 100 years of independence by launching an International Gender Equality Prize.

New OECD rules for private sector aid blocked by dispute over export subsidies

For over a year donors have been entangled in deadlock discussions over how to report private sector aid as Official Development Assistance (ODA) without distorting competition and international trade. 

Local players call for a bigger role as donors scale up funding for Lake Chad

At a conference in Oslo, donors have pledged USD 672 million for the Lake Chad Basin emergency where 10.7 million people are in need of urgent assistance. 

EcoEnergy threatens court action over sugar project after ‘unlawful’ expropriation

The Swedish company Bagamoyo EcoEnergy (BEE) is threatening the Tanzanian government with court action if it does not receive compensation following the revocation of title to land where the firm intended to establish sugar production. Executive Chairman of BEE Per Carstedt, formerly CEO of the Swedish biofuel company SEKAB, launched the Bagamoyo project a decade ago. He tells Development Today that the owners have spent more than USD 53 million on the project over the past ten years.

New ‘localisation marker’ will measure how much humanitarian aid goes to local NGOs

Donors have promised to increase humanitarian aid channelled through local NGOs. A new statistical marker aims to establish a common baseline.

Gates supports new Swedish global health institute

The Gates Foundation has provided a USD 1.2 million start-up grant for the establishment of a new global health research institute based at the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. 

PM Solberg to push development, Africa at G20 summit

Germany has invited Norway to participate as a guest country at the G20 summit. PM Erna Solberg intends to focus on jobs in Africa, health and education.

Swedfund’s three-dimensional bottom line

Swedfund has consulted NGOs to improve its business model, and goes far beyond the traditional bottom line when investing in poor countries. An interview with Anna Ryott, Managing Director of Swedfund.

NOK 600m climate grant in legal grey zone

Norway’s Climate Ministry has ignored Norwegian budget regulations requiring that USD 80 million (NOK 600m) for the Amaila Falls hydropower project be refunded to state coffers since the money has remained unspent for two years. 

Ethiopia viewed refugee return agreement as part of its aid relationship with Norway

A new Fafo report argues that Norway’s return agreement with Ethiopia did not work because Ethiopia never intended to implement it.

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