Reach of Nordic aid diminishes in 2016

Through the fall Nordic politicians swung the axe at their development budgets, using aid to fill in gaps in public financing at home. The dramatic shake up of Nordic aid is not only a result of the refugee crisis. Development Today’s analysis presents the final budget figures from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Norad’s new boss: aid agency as investment advisor

Future aid will be more about advice and exchange of experience and less about money, says Jon Lomøy in an interview with Development Today. 

Global Fund plays hardball on corruption

In an effort to clear a backlog of millions of dollars in misused grants, the Global Fund has introduced a tough new measure that punishes countries for failing to reimburse money owed.

Donors brace for battle over reshaping World Bank’s toolbox

World Bank shareholders are discussing ways to generate billions of dollars without calling for donor funds. New financing windows will provide commercial Bank loans to poor countries.  

Finland holds Presidency of Nordic Council in 2016

Finland will hold the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers during 2016 with Anne Berner serving as Finland’s Nordic Minister.

More modest fund-raising goal for 2017-2019

The Global Fund, which aims to eradicate AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics, has announced that it is aiming to raise USD 13 billion in financing for its 2017-2019 funding period.

NIRAS knocked off aid procurement throne

For the first time in almost a decade, NIRAS - which lost three key contracts during 2015 - did not dominate the Danida procurement statistics.

Aims for rapid financial close of Tanzanian sugar project

After years of delay, the Swede Per Carstedt and a new investor are off to Abidjan to finalise the terms of the Bagamoyo sugar project with the African Development Bank. He aims for financial closure in the fall of 2016.

Denmark ranks No 1 in donor index

For the fourth year in a row, Denmark tops the Commitment to Development Index followed closely by three other Nordic countries.

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