Law suit and deal making. How US lobby firms tap into Norwegian aid

Law suit and deal making. How US lobby firms tap into Norwegian aid
In the wake of a law suit in California, Oslo’s chief climate forest advisor, the Washington-based firm Climate Advisers, was forced to give away almost one-third of its USD 10 million portfolio financed by Norwegian aid. The contracts lost ended up with Waxman Strategies, led by the famous ex-US Congressman Henry Waxman. Norway continues to dish out multi-million dollar aid grants to US consultants, avoiding tenders by routing funds through NGOs, an investigation by Development Today shows.

OECD awaits Finnish action on anti-bribery

Deep dissatisfaction led to the OECD’s sharp statement on Finland’s weak anti-bribery efforts. Now Prime Minister Juha Sipilä is taking action.

Fading interest in general budget support

A decade ago, giving aid as general budget support was the “main game in town.” Now only a handful of countries receive GBS from Nordic donors.

Denmark may have over-reported domestic refugee costs as aid

The OECD, which monitors official development assistance (ODA), will contact the Danish government following concerns that funds used for language and job training for asylum seekers in Denmark may have been wrongfully reported as aid, Development Today has learned.

Record donor spending of aid funds on domestic refugee costs

Sweden spent a larger proportion of its 2015 aid budget on domestic refugee costs – 33.8 per cent - than any other major donor has ever done, OECD aid statistics for 2015 show. 

Study: Mekong dams will cause billions of dollars in losses in Cambodia, Vietnam

A new study of Mekong hydropower projects predicts that dams would “substantially and permanently” alter natural systems that millions of people rely on in the two countries.

Norway falls short on USD 100m funding promise for indigenous forest peoples’ rights

In September 2014, then Climate Minister Tine Sundtoft pledged that the Norwegian government would provide USD 100 million for “work to secure the rights of indigenous peoples.” 

Sida still holding out for Tanzanian green light for Bagamoyo sugar project

The Tanzanian government has informed Sida that it is still in discussions over whether to back the Swedish sugar project in Bagamoyo.

Oxfam gains a new Nordic member

The Danish NGO IBIS is formally a member of Oxfam. Later this year new branches in South Africa and Brazil will bring the total number of Oxfam’s affiliates to 18.

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